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Mariner Four (M4) – Rockland County, N.Y. -2002 to 2004

Mariner Four (M4) – Rockland County, N.Y. -2002 to 2004

Cross pollination breeds unique strains of species……..the same holds true for the unique strains of music that exist in this world, and Rockland County is certainly no stranger to the spawn of the cross pollination experiment. Many Rockland bands….while coming from, and working in particular restrictive scenes have dabbled in adding disparate sounds and textures to many a steadfast genre…..with some good / some bad results, but a hearty “HELL YEAH” is deservedly given to them for even attempting to break out of the self-inflicted mold of genre. Please welcome to the blog…..Mariner Four.

Mariner Four was birthed out of an ill-fated attempt in the late 1990’s between guitarist Chris Skelly ( ex-Selective Outrage & Dahlia Seed), and keyboardist Carrie Ingber to try and work together. Upon Carrie Ingber’s return from Boston to Rockland….the two reconnected, and determined to work together…set upon trying to merge their respective backgrounds of angsty, angular post hardcore guitar, and ethereal synth driven goth / darkwave into something workable and viable.

Songwriting began in the autumn of 2002, and shortly after this, the band took formation with the addition of Kevin Powers (ex-Mucky Pup) on drums, and Kristin Fayne Mulroy on bass. As the lineup and songwriting solidified, singer Leah Jiorle joined…and the first-line up was born.

Shortly after this point…..in order to fill out the “thick” sound that was evolving, guitarist Christian Mesiano (ex – The Wonderland Ave Gang) was brought in to add to the ethereal, and soundscapish wash that the band was developing. The Mariner Four sound could best be described as punk guitar driven “shoe gazer” w/ a healthy dose of early New Order and The Cure thrown in for good measure. With the female vocals added to this mix…..one audience members remark that it sounded like “Quicksand and the singer from The Cranberries , forming a band to do Cocteau Twins covers”….seemed applicable. Within months of this lineup coming together…..Mariner Four were playing shows.

In the short amount of time they were together, Mariner Four played approximately 10 shows in and around the NYC area, recorded a demo with Alap Momin (DJ Oktopus of Dalek fame), and actually even managed to film a video for the song “Lie Down”.

Towards the end of Mariner Four, singer Leah Jiorle left for other projects to be replaced by Melodie Mesiano on vocals, and Kristen Fayne Mulroy left to be replaced by Gene Abramov (ex- Sacrifice Issac). This lineup soldiered on for a few months but ultimately Mariner Four’s time was up, and the band came to an end in the summer of 2004.

Please enjoy these tracks by Mariner Four.

Kinetic, Part 1
Lie Down
Tear Out My Heart

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