Friday, November 11, 2011

DRILL – Pearl River, N.Y. - (1990)

As is the case on the S3 blog….we will always make the greatest efforts to chronicle the unknown as well as the known…Art should always have it’s moment in the sun….however brief it may be. I introduce the barely known, yet certainly memorable band DRILL.

DRILL was a short-lived band that existed in a void… where the musicians involved with the band were all in between projects at the time, and simply were making music out of the sheer need to make music. Necessity is the mother of invention…or in the case of DRILL….the motherfucker of invention.

DRILL was a good band, doing different things musically than many of their other peers, yet the unique aspect of the band was singer Anthony Maddaloni, and his delivery. Part Tom Waits, Part Charles Bukowski, Part Mark E Smith…..his lyrics were delivered semi deadpan, yet with an irony, and snarkiness that cut like a rusty razor. The plays on words he used were like a punch to the back of the head, and often it took quite a while to feel the effect of his verbal eviscerations.

DRILL was rounded out by guitarist Chris Skelly (Selective Outrage & Dahlia Seed), Steve Ellwanger (Agonyflower) on bass, and Tim Roche (Permanent Damnage) on drums.

DRILL played one show proper in 1990 to a rather puzzled audience, who had a tough time wrapping their minds around the minimalistic post punk metal spoken word jamboree they were watching. Yet some years on….DRILL has a freshness about their sound that still is hard to classify. Let’s leave DRILL in the “what could have been” category for now, and simply revel in the only recorded output they have….a random practice tape from 1990. The unknown is now known! Enjoy!

Chris Skelly

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  1. Drill is still my favorite band that I was in. Best line-up I ever played with. Always wish that continued and recorded, like Chris says "what could have been".